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House Rules

1.1 Admission to the fair site
Access to the fair site requires a valid admission ticket issued by Reed Messe Wien GmbH (”the Company”). Visitors may only enter the fair site during opening hours; exhibitors and their staff may gain admission at the times indicated in the exhibitor services.
Children under 14 are only admitted in the company of an adult. Visitors may not take prams or bulky goods into the halls.
Animals are not permitted on the fair site.

1.2 Vehicular traffic on the fair site
Drivers must observe traffic restrictions indicated by one-way, direction, no stopping and no entry signs, etc., posted in accordance with the 1960 Highway Code and amendments, and the amended 1971 Road Traffic Act.
Officers of the police and emergency services responsible for supervision of the fair site are entitled to issue orders at variance with the above regulations.

2.1 Advertising
Billposting, distribution of leaflets and all forms of off-stand advertising activities must be reported to Reed Messe Wien GmbH and are subject to charges.
The use of loudspeaker equipment by exhibitors or third parties for advertising or announcements is prohibited.
No trading or advertising activities may be carried on within the fair site premises or areas for which the fair management is responsible without the permission of Reed Messe Wien GmbH.
The mounting, erection or installation of advertising billboards or other advertising artefacts of any kind, other than by Reed Messe Wien GmbH, shall be commissioned by, and at the expense of tenants, and shall be performed by licensed tradesmen. Written certification by the latter as to the storm-proof erection or immovable mounting and securing by dual fixtures of the item(s) in question shall be sent to the Company by registered mail not later than three days before the commencement of the event for presentation to the authorities.
Tenants are fully liable in civil and criminal law for any injury to persons or damage to property arising from advertising or advertising surfaces mounted, erected or installed at their instigation.

3.1 Supervision of stands
For safety reasons tenants, or their representatives identified by exhibitor passes, shall inspect tenants’ occupied stands prior the commencement of the event. Only persons able to produce identification in the form of an exhibitor pass shall be employed at stands.

3.2 Packing materials and waste
Paper and other refuse may not be deposited on the floor but must be disposed of in the bins provided for this purpose.
For safety reasons packing materials may not be stored within the confines of stands, on stand roofs, behind pavilions or at other outdoor locations. Exhibitors are responsible for the daily removal of all their packaging materials from the premises of the fair site during assembly of their stands.
The use of wastepaper baskets or refuse bins made of inflammable materials is prohibited.
In the event of failure to remove packaging materials on a daily basis the fair management reserves the right to order the removal of all the materials concerned at the expense of the exhibitor. The latter shall have no right to compensation by Reed Messe Wien GmbH for the said materials.

3.3 Cleaning
Exhibitors shall keep the rental space in a clean and orderly condition. Cleaning shall be performed daily, starting one hour before the opening of the fair. To this end exhibitors and their staff will be granted admission to the exhibition premises from this time onwards.

3.4 Conduct at the stand
Exhibitors undertake to employ trained personnel at their stands during the event. The good manners customary in business shall be observed. The rules of fair competition shall be strictly observed throughout the event.

Exhibitors and their agents shall desist from:
• noisy product demonstrations;
• calling out to visitors;
• announcing fair discounts, special price offers or hire purchase terms;
• arguments with competitors; and
• the use of live animals for advertising purposes, except at agricultural shows.

3.5 Consumer surveys, autograph sessions, photography, etc.
All consumer surveys, tests and competitions, visits by celebrities accompanied by autograph sessions, and filming, at trade fair premises, require the written consent of Reed Messe Wien GmbH. The photographing, drawing, copying or touching of exhibits is prohibited.

3.6 Noise prevention
In order to prevent excessive machine noise exhibitors shall, if necessary, use sound absorbers, exhaust silencers, soundproof confinements or shields. Demonstrations of machines, musical instruments, loudspeakers, bells, sirens, high-frequency appliances, etc., which are associated with noise or other forms of disturbance, may only take place at times reserved for this purpose by Reed Messe Wien GmbH.
The Company reserves the right to restrict or prohibit such demonstrations. Exhibitors shall have no claim to compensation in the event of such prohibition.
Exhibitors shall be liable for all damage arising from demonstrations in consequence of failure to observe prohibitions issued by Reed Messe Wien GmbH.

4.1 Special regulations concerning stand assembly and equipment
a) The erection of pavilions, kiosks, lean-to roofs, special advertising objects, towers, aerials, construction cranes, the installation of gas and water connections, particularly large stand or hall decorations, stand heating systems, the demonstration or operation of espresso machines, steam or pressure cookers, compressors, steam or compressed air driven machinery, lifting equipment and suchlike, industrial heaters, fryers, cookers or hot-plates, welding equipment, propane gas systems, gas or oil fired furnaces, h.v. fluorescent lighting systems, advertising films of 35 mm gauge upwards, operation of apparatus for payment, and the exhibition or use for exhibition purposes of inflammable, explosive, radioactive, burning or red-hot materials, must be reported to the Technical Services Department of Reed Messe Wien GmbH and shall require the Company’s
permission as well as an official permit, if applicable.
b) Electric radiators with exposed elements may only be operated for short periods, for demonstration purposes.
c) For safety, heating and ventilation reasons, it is officially forbidden to build over any areas of the stand walls containing power lines, or heating or ventilation vents.
d) In accordance with the by-laws of 1949 and amendments, only fireproof materials or materials impregnated with flame-proof substances may be used for stand furnishings. The authorities must be furnished with binding certification confirming the use of flame-proof paints and impregnations.The use of plastics or expanded plastic materials for stand decorations or lettering is conditional upon presentation of certification proving that the requirements of flammability standard B1, smoke emission standard Q1 and drop formation standard TR1 have been met.
e) For safety reasons welding and spraying work within the confines of the trade fair premises (exhibition halls, etc.) is officially prohibited. Only fireproof adhesives may be used for gluing work within the exhibition premises.
f) Only electric soldering irons may be used for soldering work.
g) No objects, including signs or advertisements, may project into the visitors’ aisles.
h) All exits must be kept unlocked during the opening hours of the fair. Access to the doors, windows, fire alarms, hydrants, portable fire extinguishers, fuse boxes, line poles and circulation routes must be kept free from obstructions at all times.
i) The use of naked flames and open fires is prohibited.
j) The suspension of signs, displays or loads from exhibited cranes, masts, etc., is officially prohibited for safety reasons. Reed Messe Wien GmbH is entitled to restore exhibits to their previous state by requiring the immediate removal of objects suspended in a manner contravening the regulations. Failure of the exhibitor to remove such objects forthwith upon being required to do so shall entitle the Company to remove the said items at the expense and risk of the exhibitor, or to evict the exhibitor from the stand with immediate effect, in which case Paragraph 14 of the Organizers’ Rules & Regulations shall apply.
k) Proof of the safety of double-decker stands, in the form of a report from a competent company, must be furnished.
l) Any structural or other modifications to stands, or specific operational procedures, required by the authorities (Mag.-Abt. 36/V, etc.) as a result of the official inspection of the fair premises performed before every event in the interests of public safety, must be carried out by the exhibitor without delay, before the opening of the event or at the latest prior to the next official inspection.
Stand lettering is at the discretion of exhibitors, but must include the company name and address, and may not extend beyond the agreed stand height or project into the visitors’ aisles.
Stand furnishing shall comply with the current regulations of Reed Messe Wien GmbH and the Vienna City Council By-laws dated 29 Dec. 1949, Mag.-Abt. 7/4050/49.

4.2 Exhibition and demonstration of vehicles
Vehicles may only be exhibited and demonstrated within the areas officially designated by the authorities, and in compliance with all official regulations. Steps must be taken to ensure the stability of vehicles displayed.
When being driven to and from demonstration areas moving parts of these vehicles, such as cranes, swivel arms or tippers, may not be actuated on routes frequented by visitors. Draught animals must be kept on reins or chains.

4.3 Smoking ban
Smoking is prohibited in all transit areas of halls. Signage to this effect shall be prominently displayed in a number of places.

4.4 Electrical installations
Exhibitors’ notice is drawn to the need to observe the special regulations contained in the by-laws dated 29 Dec. 1949 and the Reed Messe Wien GmbH rules & regulations in respect of the installation of all forms of electrical equipment.
Installation work may only be performed by licensed companies which are answerable to the authorities.
Connection to fuse boxes may only be carried out by companies authorized by Reed Messe Wien GmbH.
The installation of neon lights and demonstration of electric ovens or heaters of all kinds require a written permit from Mag.-Abt. 36, Dresdner Strasse 75, A-1200 Vienna, which must be obtained by the exhibitor.
Electric radiators and heaters with exposed elements may only be operated for short periods, for demonstration purposes.
Only three-phase 400/230 V 50 Hz current is available throughout the fair premises.
At the time of the official inspection the relevant reports on the wiring including official form VD 390 (information on connections) must be presented to the Technical Services Department for submission to the authorities.

4.5 Instructions by fair officials and obligation to provide information
Exhibitors are obliged to grant official supervisory staff and accredited representatives of Reed Messe Wien GmbH access to their stands.
Exhibitors, their staff and all visitors to the fair must obey the instructions of the above officers. In the event of a fire or other hazard all those present must leave the endangered area at once when directed to do so by a member of the safety and security staff.
Exhibitors are also obliged to provide reporters with accreditation from the Company’s press office with information.

4.6 Penalties
Failure by organizers, exhibitors or visitors to comply with clauses 1.1, 1.2, 3.2, 3.6, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4 of the house rules is subject to the penalties stipulated by the Vienna City Council by-laws dated 29 Dec. 1949, Mag.-Abt. 7-4050/49, concerning local police regulations for trade fairs.

Approved by Magistratsabteilung 35 Ref. no. MA 35-V/2-18216/28/85 of 5 March 1987 as per § 22 of the aforementioned by-laws. Head of Department Dipl.-Ing. Lenz (Senatsrat.


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