• 18th to 22nd of March 2020 Messe Wien
    Wohnen & Interieur


Important rules

Stand assembly and fittings
During the fair



Stand assembly and fittings

Rental conditions
Stands rented remain the property of Reed Messe Wien GmbH. Leased objects shall neither be worked nor changed. In particular, the nailing, screwing, welding and glueing of anything to metal objects is prohibited, as is also the painting over of, the covering with non-detachable wallcovering of, the affixing of non-detachable adhesive strips for carpet etc. to, wooden and plastic arts. Lessee shall be liable to pay at least the replacement value for the loss and for any and all, even accidental, damage to the objects leased.

Start of stand assembly
Upon arrival at the exhibition premises and before starting to assemble your stand, please obtain a stand assembly permit from the fair management and present it to the respective hall caretaker.
The permit will not be issued until you have made the declaration included in the exhibitor services, obtained a permit from the Technical Services Department for any second tier you may want, and all rental fees and invoices due to date have been settled in full.

Stand occupancy
Stand assembly and fitting work must commence no later than one day before the start of the fair at 12 noon. If you are unable to keep to this schedule, the fair management must be informed of this in writing (fax, e-Mail).
In the event that no notification is given or the rented space is not occupied by the given deadline, Reed Messe Wien GmbH reserves the right to assign the space to alternative use without further notice.
The rented space must be duly occupied by 9 a.m. on the opening day and remain so for the duration of the fair, otherwise Reed Messe Wien GmbH will be entitled to put the space to alternative use, without prejudice to the exhibitor’s obligation to pay space rental and any incidental expenses in full. The exhibitor will also be held liable for any losses resulting from non-occupation of the space. It is not permitted either to change the space allocated for another or to alter the exterior walls of the stand.

Exceeding standard stand heights
Second tiers, lettering or decorations of any kind which render the stand higher than the locally permitted limit of 2.50 m require written approval from the Technical Services Department of Reed Messe Wien GmbH. A distance of 2 m must be maintained between such stands and those of neighbouring tenants unless a statement of consent is signed by the latter.
Plans for the erection of second tiers (floor plan, front and side elevation) must be submitted for approval by the Technical Services Department of Reed Messe Wien GmbH before erection of the second tier commences.
The proper construction (structural stability) of double-decker stands, tiered seating and spotlight scaffolding must be confirmed by a civil engineer with Austrian license, whose report is to be submitted to the Technical Services Department not later than the last move-in day.

Walls adjoining visitors’ aisles
Only one-third of the wall surfaces bordering on the visitors’ aisles may be obscured, and any decorations, etc., must be reasonably spaced.

Stand fittings
The exhibition space rented by the exhibitor is provided without any partition walls and is outlined by floor markings. Please note that erecting aluminium or wooden dividing walls reduces the inside width of your stand by 4 cm and 6 cm, respectively.



During the fair

Exhibitors’ passes
Every exhibitor receives a certain number of free exhibitor’s passes appropriate to the size of the stand which entitles the holders to enter the exhibition premises during the times permitted. Additional exhibitor passes may be purchased. Reed Messe Wien GmbH assumes no liability for the actions of unauthorized persons.
Exhibitor's passes are issued in the name of the holder and are not transferable. Reed Messe Wien GmbH staff are entitled to check the identity of ticket holders and withdraw tickets without replacement if misused.

Installation of amusement machines and juke boxes
Equipment whose operation can result in wins of money or goods, or where the prize depends on luck, e.g. amusement machines, slot machines for peep shows, jokes or games of skill, and machines which display players’ results, must be registered for amusement tax before the start of the fair. In addition to this, six weeks prior to the start of the fair an application must be made for a licence for the fair stand.
Not until a licence has been issued may the equipment be operated. The council department responsible for applications is: City of Vienna - Department (Magistratsabteilung) 4/7, Ebendorferstrasse 2, A–1010 Vienna. Tel: (+43 1) 4000-86385. The exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless Reed Messe Wien GmbH with respect to the operation of such equipment.

Liquid gas
Use of liquid gas (propane or butane) is to be reported to the Technical Services Department and is subject to an official council permit issued by: City of Vienna - Department (Magistratsabteilung) 36, Dresdner Strasse 75, A–1200 Vienna. Tel: (+43 1) 4000-0*.

Advertising at the fair stand
Flashing signs are prohibited. The use of gases and vapours (dry ice, etc.) is subject to the issue of a permit (the halls are equipped with fire alarm facilities, and the costs of false alarms resulting in fire brigade call-outs will be charged to those responsible).
Applications for laser systems must be submitted to:
City of Vienna - Department (Magistratsabteilung) 36, Dresdner Strasse 75, A-1200 Vienna. Tel: (+43 1) 4000-922 83.

Distribution of advertising materials, retail trading, samples
The distribution of advertising material, samples, printed material and other means of advertising as well as retail sales may be effected only within the stand allocated. All off-stand advertising activities are chargeable and require official permission, and are to be conducted exclusively in the foyers, linking passageways and open-air exhibition space. Outside companies are not permitted to conduct opinion polls within the exhibition premises. The sale of goods or services by the exhibitor or by a third party traceable to the exhibitor is prohibited on the exhibition premises unless the organizers give their express written authorization, even if payment for the goods or services is not made during the fair but at a later date. Failure to comply shall result in the exhibitor being obliged to reimburse to the organizers all costs, fees and taxes (in particular entertainment tax) arising or becoming due in connection with this violation, regardless of fault. In the event of violation by several exhibitors, such exhibitors shall be jointly liable for the said costs, fees and taxes. The distribution of samples against charge is subject to permission by the organizer. The free distribution of samples is permitted.

Reed Messe Wien GmbH is not insured against theft of goods exhibited. We recommend our exhibitors to take out a trade fair and exhibition risk insurance.

Your direct line to the media
The trade press and mass media are invited to report on our events and their exhibitors. We provide a free service enabling you to contact the media direct. Let us know in advance what you will be displaying at the fair. A pigeonhole can be reserved for you at the Press Centre for your press information for a small fee.Interested? Then contact our press office without delay.
[T] +43 (0)1 72720 ext. 2420.
[F] +43 (0)1 72720 2429.

Promotional activities at the fair stand
Stand promotions must be reported to the fair team in writing. We would ask you to
appreciate that we are only able to approve such activities if:

  • the activity is staged within the confines of the stand and not at the edge of thereof;
  • it can be demonstrated that sufficient space is available within the stand area to accommodate the expected number of onlookers/participants;
  • sound is directed towards the interior of the stand and not outside; the noise level at the perimeter of the stand may not exceed 40 dB(A);
  • neighbouring stands do not suffer visual or acoustic interference;
  • activities planned are registered punctually, at the latest by 3 weeks prior the event, and are accompanied by a precise sketch and a detailed description of how the event is to be staged.

Receptions and functions at the fair stand
Such activities taking place outside official opening hours require approval and application must be made in writing to the fair team. You will be invoiced for the extra costs arising (personnel, electricity, etc. - see rates for move-in extensions). Your guests must hold valid admission tickets or vouchers. Invitations that double as admission tickets cannot be accepted. If you wish, we can make our club premises available. Please approach the fair team for prices and conditions.

Each exhibitor receives one free parking ticket for the exhibition premises.
Additional parking spaces can be reserved at extra cost - please refer to the Operating Technology in the exhibitor services. Reed Messe Wien GmbH assumes no liability for damage caused by third parties in any car park (damage, break-in, theft etc.). Car park tickets are issued according to availability and in the sequence in which orders are received.


Edmund Seliger
Edmund Seliger
Category Manager

T: +43 1 72720 - 2102
F: +43 1 72720 - 2184
E: Edmund.Seliger@reedexpo.at

Robert Hirschegger
Robert Hirschegger
Event Coordinator

T: +43 1 72720 - 2137
F: +43 1 72720 - 2184
E: robert.hirschegger@reedexpo.at

Patricia Leeb
Patricia Leeb
Event Coordinator

T: +43 1 72720 - 2139
F: +43 1 72720 - 2184
E: patricia.leeb@reedexpo.at

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